MikkeliES going boldly where no man has gone before


MikkeliES is now a registered association. So, what is MikkeliES? We are an entrepreneurship society – a society dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship. We run on voluntary basis and organize great events, competitions and happenings. So, what are we aiming at? We want to make new startups: help people find teammates, come up with and work on business ideas and develop cool stuff – and we want to make all this easier. We want to change the local culture so that establishing a startup in Mikkeli is something lucrative. We want to change established patterns and show that Mikkeli can earn its place in the Finnish startup scene. Most of all, MikkeliES wants to encourage entrepreneurial people.

We don’t want to do all this alone. No, MikkeliES wants to co-operate with the local students, entrepreneurial people, startups, larger organizations, public organizations – and all the other Entrepreneurship Societies in Finland, financers and other important actors in the Finnish startup scene. We don’t want to create just local and national networks, but weave our international web of connections as well. Our networks will make it possible for local teams to take their first step in turning their business idea into reality.

Now we have a great team to make sure all this happens. Our first board will make sure autumn 2014 will be the best ever. I (Piritta) am the president and my job is to make sure our ensemble sticks together and things get done – and that we stay connected to all the other Entrepreneurship Societies in Finland! Sami is the vice president who helps me in keeping the package together, but also helps startups and people looking for opportunities find each other. Then we have Olli, who is the secretary, but secretly does more than that – Olli is in charge of our Ahjo startup accelerator program and spends a lot of his time on our communication and organizing events. Tomi is our money-guy and makes sure we have resources to fulfill our purpose. Heikki is our technical guy, who even has a saying devoted to him: “In Heikki we trust.” Mari is responsible for our marketing, which includes making sure our communication is coherent, making sure events get organized and are interesting and takes care of building an awareness and a good reputation for MikkeliES. Then we have two men building our network: Mikko and Seppo. Mikko spends his time in the world of IT and other business organizations. Seppo handles the creative world and checks out that MikkeliES’s visual look is appealing .Of course, it is not just the board who makes things happen. It is everyone involved in MikkeliES – the active members, the people who take part in our events and everyone who supports us.

Ps. We are starting to actualize all our aims NOW! Our Ahjo startup accelerator program starts on September 29.9. It is something that Mikkeli has never seen before, so make sure you follow us! If you don’t have an idea or a team, don’t worry. You can sign up for our upcoming Team Pool and we’ll introduce you to other ambitious people and facilitate coming up with ideas.

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