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As a treasurer of Mikkeli Entrepreneurship Society, an obvious subject for my blog would be funding. However, I want to take the opposite side of the table, so to speak, and view the world as an investor, partly due to my present job at a local bank. Even more, I´m not going to write about subjects such as how to invest in startups or to create a well-managed portfolio of firms on a seed stage. No. I want to take it to a more general level and talk about viewing life through investing.

Let´s assume that you have been fortunate enough to create some savings of your own and you are thinking about getting some profit out of those savings. Obviously as an entrepreneurial person, you have the option to fund your own future business. If the idea is not ready to be launched, you probably would think about approaching your own bank or other institutions offering investor services, and discuss with the financial advisor, such as myself, there. Not a bad idea. And in my opinion, if one has spare cash, it would be wise to put that money to work for you – in creating more wealth. Why not? Invest that ‘lazy money’ on your bank account and support the Finnish economy to grow. But is that the entire story behind one´s investing needs?

Before or after hearing the financial advisors who suggest all suitable solutions for you, you could perhaps sit back and think about your life as an investment. How about you invest in yourself? What if you actually spent your savings in maybe developing yourself or in getting new experiences? How about a refreshing night out with friends after hard work you´ve done to get the savings in the first place? Would it be ‘money well spent’? How to determine the profit out of that? There is a possibility that you would not earn more money, or at least not as much as in maybe through dividends, coupons or possible capital gains, but could you have gained something more. Something you cannot value.

I have read somewhere an aphorism that states the following: The richness of a person is not measured in how much one owns, but in how much one would not change for anything. That´s something worth thinking about.

And if these ideas don´t suit you, there is always the possibility to support MikkeliES with your savings. In that case contact me!


Tomi Soininen

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