When something big begins.

It is the last Saturday of October in 2016. There is something and someones in the beginning of an adventure. This adventure is called the Ahjo Accelerator Program. This year we have eight enthusiastic and exciting teams with us (Introduction to the teams and what they are doing will be released later).

So what’s Ahjo about? Ahjo is an accelerator program for young and ambitious startup teams in Mikkeli. MES organizes the program third time in its history. Ahjo began today – 29th of October – and the program culminates in the DemoDay event on Friday 2nd of December. For five weeks teams will develop their startup idea, search for first customers and rehearse their pitching/marketing/sales skills.

At the starting point of Ahjo 2016 we had startup evangelist Annie Talvasto from Microsoft Flux giving a speech to the teams. She spoke about among other things lean startup and MVP (Minimun Viable Product OR Minimum Loveable Product as she said). Annie is the head coach of Ahjo 2016 and will coach the teams throughout the program.

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PS. In the next week we will announce more information on the Demoday event which will be the first Startup party in Mikkeli ever.


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