(suomi) Mokapäivä oli ja meni. Mitä jäi käteen?

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What is this MikkeliES all about?

MikkeliES is a business and entrepreneurship society that creates new kind of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture to Mikkeli and South...


MikkeliES HQ

The MikkeliES headquarters is located in the second floor of Mikkeli City Library. In short, MikkeliES is the heart of...

Jes muikeena Midnight pitchfestissä @ Oulu!

What the participation in the activities of ES will provide? Maria from JyväskyläES answers!

Last Friday afternoon as I was on my way home from Midnight Pitchfest at Oulu I felt somehow unreal. The...

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Why Do We Need an Entrepreneurship Society in Mikkeli?

I have always been fascinated by how resources could be mobilized effectively to make great things happen. Trade and collaboration...