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What kind of video they have in MikkeliES? Pretty awesome!

What do you think about our new video? If you like, share it! ūüôā #SharingIsCaring )

Kristina Talailo and Teemu Partanen, Happo Solutions Ltd.

Why is it worth being with MikkeliES! Kristina & Teemu answer!

MikkeliES has been the new thing of the autumn in Mikkeli. Many of you has wondered, what is this MikkeliES....

MikkeliES edistää uusien yritysten syntymistä Mikkeliin ja Etelä-Savoon.

MikkeliES moves to the new HQ

MikkeliES moves to the new HQ from the Mikkeli City library. The location of the new HQ is a bit...